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The Within and the Without

This article intends to incite thought and make a push for intellectual progression. This article reflects my thoughts on the growing disarray in our nation and our world and the lack of intuitive thought during times of turmoil. However I believe that wherever there is a distinct will to inflict change; it will manifest itself in society.

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Media Wake-Up Call for Parents

The National Institutes of Health and Common Sense Media, a nonprofit advocacy group, are urging parents to “turn off the TV” because of 30-years of research indicating a correlation between greater media exposure and adverse health outcomes for children, including drug/alcohol use, childhood obesity, sexual behavior and low academic achievement.

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Protecting our Children from Porn

One in four teenagers said that they regularly communicated with strangers online but considered it harmless.

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Living in a Diverse World

Are you bored with only knowing how to speak one language? It is so simple today to learn more than one language and become fluent in them. The following article might just have the information for which you are looking.

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PC Technology is Not Hard to Learn

The PC (Personal Computer)is hard machinery made up of many individual components and we'll start talking about that briefly.

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When Push Comes to Shove

It is rare that The Utmost Way Magazine editorializes outside the "What They Don't Want You To Know" section on subjects of a political nature. However, I was just informed of a matter that is quickly coming to national attention that is noteworthy.

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Homeschooler Qualifies in National Merit Scholarship Program

One of many home educated students who are looking good!

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In Defense of Adulthood

Parents are to prepare their children to eventually function without them. That is why I am very concerned when I see adults in their late twenties who are living at home and lazing around watching TV while their mothers are out working full-time jobs to support them.

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The Real Root of Reading

If there is one thing that will get a rise out of veteran homeschooling parents, it is the debate over the best way to teach reading and comprehension. Though many have grabbed hold of the phonics method, and for good reason, I still go to book and curriculum fairs where the old "see and say" sight-reading method is touted. Even though I understand both sides of that argument, I believe that many homeschooling parents are missing out on one important fact and it is called "meaning."

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Myth and Ministry of the Homeschool Father

There is a certain myth that suggests homeschooling fathers do not have a prominent role in the education of their children. This myth sees the average homeschooling father as someone who just treks early to his workplace and arrives home to his wife and children at the conclusion of their school day. Belief in, and propagation of, this myth has made it difficult for even fathers to see how they are a crucial part of the home education process.

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Harrison teen wins National Bible Bee

by Zack Harold, Daily Mail staff, Charleston Daily Mail Daniel Staddon is the winner of the inaugural National Bible Bee, held in Washington, D.C., earlier this month. Staddon, 18, took home $100,000 and this trophy. He says it's the first one he's ever won.

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We Don’t Get It…Why Public Sports?

Here at The Utmost Way Magazine, we have begun a conversation about the very idea that Home Schooling Parents are entertaining the idea that they NEED to have their children participate in sports at their local public school.

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The G-R-E-A-T Fire

On the way home, hungry, tired, and a bit sooty, we talked about the day and Elijah said, "I'm kind of excited to see what God has in store for us. He wouldn't just take half of our business away without having something in mind." -- by Brenda Kaneshiro

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A Public Service Announcement For Parents

PAD - a new threat is sweeping the church of America...in reality it is not all that new for it has been around as long as there have been parents and children...this syndrome can infect any family at any time...this hideous monster strikes and often leaves irreparable damage in its wake... By: Jeffrey A. Klick, Ph.D.

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Parents: Start Early, Interfere Often

I have often said that the difference between a child that excels and avoids trouble, and one that fails, is one main thing—parental supervision. While this is not the only ingredient, it is a key one. Parents must know what their children are thinking and doing. Jeffrey A. Klick, Ph.D.

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When the Cat Comes First

So, everything in your husband’s life is more important than you. Even the cat comes first.

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Learning is a Two-way Street

How I remember the anticipation of those first days preparing to homeschool for the first time! Determined to do it perfectly I prepared the setting my four-year-old daughter Angela and I would soon share.

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Artistic View of the Stepping Stones to Home Education

"The 'Stepping Stones' paintings are oil on canvas paintings and all based on scriptures and I produced them to show a way of applying scripture to a vibrant children's life (and adults) using my own three children (Peter and Hannah who are twins and John) as the subjects along with a pile of family teddy bears. The first four images, I have around 90 worked out, cover various aspects of living a daily vibrant life of faith in Jesus in obedience to scripture. They are prints to put on your wall to inspire children of any age (Apparently over 60's is the 2nd childhood).

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Mission to Persecuted Christian Homeschoolers in Germany

There is a heightened awareness and concern, in the world of homeschooling, over the very difficult situation in Germany. Find out more below.

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College Bound without the Bind

Find out how to get a degree in less time and without going deep in debt.

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Quick and Easy Kitchen Chemistry Experiments You Can Share with Your Kids

Chemistry is an exciting subject for kids of any age, especially if you set up a natural discovery environment for them to safely explore in.

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The real goods on “Good” People?

The whole emphasis is on the fact that no good comes from us. In fact, as human beings, we are not capable of good.

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The Will of God (Holiness)

Jesus had a definite sense of purpose, founded in doing His Father's will. He said, "I have come from Heaven, not to do My own will, but to do the will of Him who sent Me."

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Who are the Real Heroes?

We have all been faced, in varying degrees, by the seeming tragedy of the 9/11/2001 terrorist acts. Unfortunately, murders have not, and will not, end with the one on 9/11/2001.

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What’s Faith Got To Do With It?

We read that he said, "Faithless and perverse generation!," however, the underlying meaning was, "Why didn't you go ahead and do what I gave you the authority to do in Me?"

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Abide in Me

Three simple words can make all the difference in a Christian’s life. Many of us have never really noticed they were spoken—much less taken them to heart.

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A Marriage Made in Heaven

Even some Christian couples might find this to be a statement of ideal. However, closer examination of what is even further required gives us a working guideline for the marriage we all desire.

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The Age-Integrated Church

Now if the family comes first, why is not the family together? More importantly why was the family ever separated? The average church works out its ministry goals in compartments.

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Constructing Houses of Scripture in the Minds of our Precious Ones

Kathy Cooksey describes the importance of grafting Scripture to the minds of our children. She describes how precious they are to parents.

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Submission Leads to Blessings!

At the time this article was written, Kathy was in Japan where she and her family served as missionaries. Kathy explains the importance of submission.

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At the Heart of Math: A New Model of How Numbers Work

Ellis Hein has come up with a good solution to how to help children to want to do their math. His technique for understanding actually makes it simpler.

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Made in His Image

It has been written that we have been made in God's image. I have often wondered, "What does it mean to be made in God's image?"

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Pleasing Perfect Life Goals

The world's plans are the antithesis of God's plans. The way that we think is, in fact, often led astray by "the behavior and customs of this world."

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Healing the Failing Heart

You might think that God has given up on the failed heart of man, but nothing could be further form the truth.

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Character Education in Home Schooling

My wife and I started realizing an important, life-giving principle about the teaching/learning process. God had become more important in our lives and we began to see a new approach to education based upon God's principles rather than those of men.

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The Church on Shifting Sand

"They will keep up the outward appearance of religion, but will have rejected the inner power of it." A warning to "keep away from people like that" is provided.

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